Eminnow Motorized Fishing Lures

eMinnow is a unique motorized fishing lure…
“The Lure That Swims On It’s Own”

Many people rightfully believe that live bait is the most effective attractant for any fish and using live fish bait is the most effective way to catch predator fish such as pike, bass, trout, walleye, etc. Unfortunately, there are some major issues associated with this excellent bait, such as:

  • Live fish bait can not be legally used in the most of the provinces, in 31 states, and many countries. Or usage of such bait is highly regulated.
  • Obtaining the bait – it is not always available and has to be purchased or caught just before the fishing trip.
  • Keeping the fish bait alive – the bait container has to be aerated and be kept away from extreme heat or cold.
  • Dilemma of what to do with the unused and expensive bait ($1.00 – $2.00 per piece) after the fishing trip.
  • Many parents are concerned about animal cruelty factor when live fish bait is used by their kids.

Using these eminnows solves all of these problems and more! Right now you can save big by pre-ordering one of these lures today!


eMinnow Motorized Lures

Five different kinds of lures

To start the eMinnow product range we have developed five different models with variety of functionality, shape, and color to give as broad a range as possible, but with as much flexibility. We have been testing the prototypes in the real field conditions for almost 3 years, and now the most effective models are going to our factory for production. Click on the model below to learn more about these incredible lures!



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