RC Camera Drone

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  • 1、In flight, when you release the throttle stick, UAV will automatically set the height, still hovering at the release height, making it easier to operate and use. Equipped with advanced pressure sensors, you can ensure a stable hover and landing, to provide you with a higher quality shooting experience.
  • 2、Use WiFi to connect an unmanned aerial vehicle to your phone (ios / android) to control your UAV through your phone. When you use a mobile phone to control the unmanned aerial vehicle into headless mode, you do not need to worry about the direction. When you need to recycle a UAV using the key return function, you can easily control the four-axis aircraft and easily recycle the UAV by simply touching the application interface button.
  • 3、Products equipped with high-definition camera, you can adjust the camera through the video and camera function angle for you to record more exciting moments. Wireless links allow you to transfer pictures and videos from your camera in real time and store them on your phone, making it easier for you to share your happiness with your friends.
  • 4、Products are small size, wing folding, ultra-small size. ABS plastic,, the advantages of a new independent innovation antenna is easy to carry, you can put in your pocket, no matter where you can use it to record happiness and play
  • 5、Speed, flexible control, with 3-speed mode, low, medium and fast, more adaptable to a variety of use of the environment. The 6-axis gyroscope supports forward / reverse, left / right, left / right flying, 3D scrolling and scrolling, all 360 degrees of rotation for the most spectacular viewing experience. . LED lights the main body gives you more fun when you play in the dark of the night, it will be a shining star.

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